tvnewsinfo After last week’s brief, and delightful, sidestep into a musical episode, this week’s episode of “The Flash” is back to the task — stopping Savitar and saving Iris (Candice Patton). The latest installment introduces the classic Flash villain Abra Kadabra (David Dastmalchian), a character who shares similarities with the Reverse Flash in that he is also from the...

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sjovicicslavuj За сјећање и памћење... На данашњи дан, 29. марта умро је славни српски фудбалер РАЈКО МИТИЋ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21. децембар 2014.

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Snikers torta

Recepti za kolače | Autor: domacirecepti12

domacirecepti12 KORA: -Umutiti 6 bjelanaca sa 12 kašika šećera,dodati 6 kašika mljevenog kikirikija,100 grama rendane čokolade,3 kašike prezle, 1 kašiku brašna i 1 malu kašičicu ulja. Peći u velikom plehu 20 min na 180°C. Presjeći koru na pola. 1.FIL: -Umutiti 6 žumanaca sa 300g šećera u prahu i dodati 1 margarin umućen. Posebno...

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pendula PREDSEDNICKI IZBORI 2017 Srbija u nedelju bira predsednika!!! Bice ovo 11.Predsednicki izbori u Srbiji od uvodjenja visestranacja u Srbiji!!! Ukupno 11 kandidata u trci za mandat koji traje pet godina!!! Najveci favorit vazeci premijer i kandidat SNS Aleksandar Vucic!!! Jedina dilema da li ce Vucic pobediti u prvom ili drugom krugu!!! Samo se dva puta dogodilo da...

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Nova početna grupa salse

salsa | Autor: salsa

salsa NOVA POČETNA GRUPA SALSE OD APRILA Ne moraš biti profesionalni plesač da bi uživao u plesu! Nova početna grupa salse kreće sa radom u ponedeljak 03.04.2017.godine u 19.00 Naučite salsu, bachatu, reggaeton, son, merengue... Dobrodošli u salsa školu sa najdužom tradicijom u Beogradu. Termini: ponedeljak i petak od 19h Adresa:...

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tvnewsinfo French commercial broadcaster TF1 has picked up “Liar,” a thriller series from the creators of BAFTA- and Emmy-nominated “The Missing.” The show stars “Downton Abbey’s” Joanne Froggatt. TF1 also acquired contemporary drama series “Innocent.” The pre-sales were inked by All3Media Intl. “Liar,” which has been ordered by...

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tvnewsinfo Haut et Court TV, the French outfit behind “The Young Pope,””The Last Panthers” and the original “The Returned,” is teaming with Eitan Mansuri’s Israel-Based Spiro Films and “False Flag”‘s co-creator Maria Feldman on “Fertile Crescent,” a politically-minded series weaving family drama and spy thriller. Feldman, whose...

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tvnewsinfo TLC cameras will capture genuine, on-the-spot reactions to major moments in families’ lives in the new special “This Is Life Live,” Variety has learned exclusively. The four-night event will follow people in real time as they experience some of the most profound, life-changing moments they have ever known. Premiering April 23 at 10 p.m., each episode will go live from...

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tvnewsinfo In the run-up to Mip-TV, Paris-based animation producer-distributor Millimages has picked-up international rights to “Kemy Expedition,” produced by G&G, an animation company based in Seoul, and with offices in Japan, known by its anime productions such as “Kaleido Star,” co-produced with Japanese toon house Gonzo. A 52-part short-format edutainment show,...

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tvnewsinfo In a first – and eye-catching – joint move between the building blocks of Beta Films’ new pan-European production operation, Dramacorp, the Stockholm-based company Jan Mojto’s Beta set up last year with high-flying TV exec Patrick Nebout (“Midnight Sun”) is teaming with Paris-based Isolani Pictures, Beta Film’s newly-launching French production house,...

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zileggb Zar nije lijepo kada znate da će vas neko podržati i saslušati kada vam bude najteže. Čovjek nije stvoren da živi sam, kao i uvijek teži ka tome da dođe do nekoga sa sličnim mišljenjem, do nekoga ko će ga podržati.i koji će uvijek biti tu za njega. Ovaj svijet je prepun osoba koje su naizgled različite, ali ipak ima nešto što ih spaja. Osobine, vrline i...

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MipTV ’Sincronia,’...

TV and Movies News | Autor: tvnewsinfo

tvnewsinfo Televisa’s “Sincronía,” HBO Latin America’s “PSI,” Telefe’s “The Cockfighter” and Telemundo’s “Guerra de Idolos” feature at The Wit’s first MipDrama Latam Screenings, a 90-minute showcase focus that parts the veil on the new face of Latin American fiction. “The aim of these Screenings is to show the new...

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tvnewsinfo Paramount Television and Anonymous Content’s contemporary spy drama “Berlin Station” has been sold to several additional European countries, Paramount Worldwide Television Licensing and Distribution revealed Tuesday. The show has been picked up by on-demand platform TIM for Italy; HBO Nordic for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland; and HBO Espana in Spain. The series has...

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tvnewsinfo Hulu has ordered 10 half-hour episodes of topical show “I Love You, America,” starring Sarah Silverman. The series, from Funny or Die, will have Silverman discuss the current political and emotional landscape of the country. The episodes will be doled out on a weekly basis. James Franco, Seth Rogen Developing ’90s Teen Drama at Hulu From Writer Kelly Oxford (EXCLUSIVE)...

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tvnewsinfo Rebecca “Rebel” Knight (Danielle Moné Truitt), in the grand tradition of hardboiled private investigators, is an ex-cop with a past — a pro who got jaded because of one bad case, one tough story, one loss that was too much to handle. She can take on a room of guys twice her size armed with just her nightstick; she can sling innuendo-laced insults in the face of sexist,...

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tvnewsinfo Hulu has released its summer slate, which includes three original documentaries and two original series. “Difficult People” Season 3 will premiere Tuesday, Aug. 8, and will find Julie (Julie Klausner) and Billy (Billy Eichner) remaining each other’s best friends while still their own worst enemies. John Cho will have a guest arc as Billy’s boyfriend. The third season...

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tvnewsinfo Miles Teller is hitting the world of streaming TV. Amazon Studios has cast Teller in drama series “Too Old to Die Young,” from “Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn and scribe Ed Brubaker. Teller will play Martin, a police officer entangled in the world of assassins. The series explores the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles by following killers’ existential...

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sjovicicslavuj За сјећање и памћење ... На данашњи дан, 28. марта рођен је велики српски пјесник БРАНКО РАДИЧЕВИЋ Српска омладина је испунила песникову жељу и године 1883. пренела је његове остатке из Беча...

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tvnewsinfo GREENLIGHTS Science Channel has ordered eight 30-minute episodes of prank series “ SciJinks ” from “The Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki . He will appear in and executive produce the series, which is scheduled to premiere in fourth quarter 2017. The series will use cutting-edge science as the foundation for outrageous stunts and practical jokes. Along with...

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tvnewsinfo CBS has announced season finale airdates for its primetime comedies, dramas, and unscripted series. Most fall into the traditional May finale mold, like “The Big Bang Theory” (recently renewed for two more seasons) and various “NCIS” franchises. But there are a few early birds, like “Macgyver” (April 14) and “2 Broke Girls” (April 17). The...

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Kada se zavese spuste

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wattpadprice Smemo li mi da budemo ovde uopšte?" Pitam, dok se penjem uz drvene stepenice. "Jedna od naših malobrojnih, zajednčkih tačaka osim glume, naravno, je?" tiho je pitao dok je nameštao nešto na velikoj tabli punoj sitnih dugmića, mislim da je to kontrolna tabla za muziku na sceni. "Ed Sheeran?" rekla sam jednako tiho I pomalo zbunjeno....

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Kada se zavese spuste

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wattpadprice Smemo li mi da budemo ovde uopšte?" Pitam, dok se penjem uz drvene stepenice. "Jedna od naših malobrojnih, zajednčkih tačaka osim glume, naravno, je?" tiho je pitao dok je nameštao nešto na velikoj tabli punoj sitnih dugmića, mislim da je to kontrolna tabla za muziku na sceni. "Ed Sheeran?" rekla sam jednako tiho I pomalo zbunjeno....

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tvnewsinfo Hollywood’s blood pressure is rising. The decision unveiled Friday night by the Writers Guild of America to seek a strike authorization vote, following two weeks of contract talks with the major studios and networks, has the industry on edge about the prospect of a work stoppage. The WGA West’s board of directors is expected to vote Monday night on the negotiating...

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Veliki snaucer

Izlozbe pasa | Autor: ab22122000

ab22122000 Veliki šnaucer je veliki, moćan kompaktan pas sa gustim obrvama, brkovima I bradom. Izgleda kao uvećan srednji šnaucer. Ima grubu, oštru spoljnu dlaku I gustu, meku poddlaku. Idealno, visina psa je ista kao dužina, što stvara utisak kvadratičnosti. Snažan, zasvođen vrat bi trebao bi jasno da se uklapa sa ramenima. Glava je otprilike polovina dužine...

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tvnewsinfo Noreen Fraser, a producer of television shows including “Entertainment Tonight,” ABC’s “Home Show,” and “The Richard Simmons Show” who devoted her life to raising money for cancer research, died on Monday in her Brentwood, California, home, surrounded by family, after a 16-year battle with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She was 63. Fraser founded...

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